I know this is the 1% of First World Problems… but I really don’t get recruiters that send solicitations to my work email. Like, y’all know my bosses could read that, right?

First, I want to add some context that everyone seems to forget about The Great Purge Of 2018: Yahoo! had sold to Verizon by that point. So take whatever business-y stuff Yahoo brought in and multiply it times eleven.

Second, tumblr was never actually worth that much. The business model revolved around (1) selling advertising next to content that most advertisers actively avoid and (2) showing advertisements to a user base that would actively mock them. It was never worth a billion dollars. I don’t know that tumblr would have survived on its own because of these same pressures.

And we all saw the result: the attempt to fix (1) further exacerbated (2).

And we are officially at the stage of ruthlessly cutting anything that can be cut for a Minimally Viable Product.

Latest deferment is custom permalinks.

I’ve got time off in a week and a half and I want to be able to work on implementing ActivityPub then!

I really hope these plants turn out well. We just planted a lemon tree, a poblano, and a mint.

I also hope the Organic Fertilizer we got washes out. 💩

Just a general PSA for Tumblr right now: make sure you’ve got at least one post on your blog before you start following people.

This is doubly true if you still have the default profile picture.

This is doubly true again if your profile picture looks like a conventionally attractive woman.

(There’s a spam problem right now.)

No, you’re writing a form builder because the thought of all that boilerplate is more daunting than writing a DSL and the components to go with it. 🫠