If you’re interested, I’ll be hanging out on my Discord server most mornings. Check in over video or over text, whatever you’re comfortable with. I’ve got books to use, or we can talk about life. Let’s help each other be the best versions of ourselves. eph.me/discord

I don’t want to give up this community, as slight as it is. So I will continue to be leading a call in the mornings for anyone that wants to join. Web dev, project management, student, old, young—for everyone. We all need to have a place to be real with each other.

One of the things that helped was a morning call at 8:45 ET started by @benlobaugh centered around personal growth and developing leaders. It was a great way for me to actually start my day on time, and it provided another aspect of community. When Ben left, I led the call.

He’s right, at least in this case.

Q: How long does it take Apple to figure out how to do Face ID with a mask?

A: Looks like about 2 years. 😜

I had a boss that would send emails at all hours. And he was very explicit with us that it was because he wanted it on our desk when we got in the next morning. It was just the only time he had free to handle his inbox.

Neither of us are at that job anymore. 😇