I disagree; I am in favor of a robust public domain precisely because I get pissed off at remakes that miss the point of the original.

While I do get pissed because of the work itself, that is largely secondary to the sheer nerdrage that erupts when I realize that said work could occur only with the blessing of the current copyright holder.

In other words, the rage of “wow, that was a waste of someone’s time and money” simply pales in comparison to how absolutely livid I get when I realize that Disney chose to spend their money on that monstrosity and some kid with an iPhone could have made a better thing but they can’t because Disney owns the ducking copyright and there’s not a damn thing I can do about that!

I’m torn, because on the one hand this is the same org that refs top-tier US leagues. On the other hand the L1 officiating has seemed so bad the last 2 years, they’re obviously not getting those refs. Like when a biz pays for senior-level consultants but gets juniors.