Thanks for the link. This is a project I’m working on, so it’ll be good to get more perspectives.

Because the first thing we in SC think when there’s a natural disaster is “I’m going to go rob my senator’s house” and not “I want to keep my family safe; sure hope the police and fire departments are well-stocked so they can rescue us.”

You know better, @LindseyGrahamSC.

There’s a line in the Studio 60 pilot where they discuss filming in Vancouver: “I don’t want to film in Vancouver. Vancouver doesn’t look like anything; it doesn’t even look like Vancouver.”

Target, you messed this up. Big time. I tried to place an order at 9:00 AM and couldn’t. Eventually had one go through around 9:40, and then this. Was it bots? Just unprecedented demand? Or did you not communicate to your staff that this was an online item? Way to ruin my day.